“Through our partnership with Franson Civil Engineers, we created a project with long-lasting value for our citizens… they provided excellent service by engineering a design to reduce construction time and save costs… our concerns and needs were always at the forefront of Franson’s work… they have been a great partner… I highly recommend Franson Civil.”

Ed Chavez, Helper City Mayor, October 2017

“[Franson Civil Engineers] were critical to the rehabilitation of the Last Chance Diversion Dam… Franson Civil was extremely helpful in several areas… provided excellent service by engineering a design that would work and keep the project cost down. Finally, we received water when we needed water… they proved themselves as an invaluable asset by helping see this project through.”

Mark Mathews, Last Chance Canal Company, December 2016

“Working with Franson Civil Engineers has been a positive experience for the Virgin Valley Water District… We are pleased with the excellent service and knowledgeable work provided, and I highly recommend that you consider adding Franson Civil to your engineering pool.”

Kevin Brown, Virgin Valley Water District, April 2015

“Based on the recent data gathered, our water users can see the direct benefit of using Franson Civil services. Energy bills averaged $22 per acre-foot before the project, and now the energy bills average $15.13 per acre-foot, a 32% savings. In 2014, we used 5,032 acre-feet of water compared to using 8,738 acre-feet in 2010. I think that is better than a 40% reduction. LOVE IT.”

Jason Westover, Cub River Irrigation District, November 2014

“Franson Civil Engineers is an extremely competent engineering firm. I am pleased with the work product that was produced and feel like they listened to my input in completing this Resource Management Plan… Franson Civil is easy to work with, is very thorough in their work, and makes sure that the client and the partners are happy with the result.”

Kerry Schwartz, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, July 2012

“The Master Plan was presented to our city council last night… Our council is very supportive of the document and the plan… Thanks for your exceptional work on this document and on the project in general. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support your efforts.”

Benjamin Reeves, Santaquin City Manager, January 2013

“I feel the key to our success in overcoming the obstacles that we have faced here at Mountain Valley Water has been due to the quality and efficiency of your professionalism as engineers… With humility I offer my gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.”

Stephen Thompson, Mountain Valley Water, December 2012

“Communication with Franson Civil has been a great experience. They kept us informed every step of the way… Their knowledge and experience was able to help us through many agonizing details of getting the project done, including permitting and funding. Our concerns and needs were always at the forefront of their work. It was great to completely trust them to see the project complete…”

Lynn Anderson, Cottonwood Gooseberry Irrigation Company, October 2012

“This was not an easy project but Franson Civil worked with us to solve all the problems involved. What could have been a disastrous project ended a success. We are pleased with the project and it has helped our water delivery as well.”

Louise Cooper, South Weber Irrigation Company, October 2011

“We could not have asked for a better working relationship than the one we have with Franson Civil. They are genuinely interested in our community and I believe that no other firm could have met our needs as well as they did. As a result of their efforts, we are now well prepared for the future. We are extremely pleased with the results of the dam’s rehabilitation and I highly recommend Franson Civil for your consideration.”

Bartt Carter, New Escalante Irrigation Company, October 2011