At Franson Civil Engineers, our entire focus is on the highest level of water resources engineering, while providing the best service to our clients.


It’s our specialty. We recognize that water is the lifeblood of the West. Our mission is to ensure the wise use of water by providing quality engineering services to those who have stewardship to develop, manage, and conserve this precious resource, throughout Utah.

It’s our professional calling. Each of our engineers and senior staff are specialists who have dedicated their careers to working with water resource development. It is our collective experience and proficiency that give us the ability to provide creative and effective solutions for our clients. From water-related structures, stormwater control, and utility design, we have extensive experience in planning, designing, and preparing environmental documents; working with funding; construction management; and the operation and management of water-related projects.

It’s our relationships. We create partnerships with all those involved in a project. This includes our client, yes, but also permitting agencies, funding partners, and other affected parties. Our nimble team ensures we provide a quality of service rarely found in this industry.

It’s our vision. To be the best water resources engineering firm in the state of Utah is no small feat. Through our specialization, our relationships, and our team, we steadfastly pursue our vision.