Summit Creek Water Management

This water management project involved improving the infrastructure and installing measures to improve the delivery and use of water from Summit Creek near Santaquin, Utah. Key elements included:

  • Establishing a conjunctive use management program (master plan) to utilize excess water from Summit Creek for groundwater recharge
  • Improving and constructing facilities to allow better water infiltration into the groundwater system
  • Improving operation of existing wells for withdrawal of groundwater during dry periods
  • Improving flood control of water from Summit Creek
  • Reducing seepage by piping the remaining canal section of the main distribution system
  • Rehabilitating Summit Creek Dam No. 1 that was intentionally breached during flooding of 1983-’84
  • Acquiring funding commitments from participants and funding sources
  • Obtaining necessary permits
  • Completing design and construction of project features

Project benefits included water conservation, reduced energy use, collaboration between several entities, and reduction of potential flooding. Additionally, more water will be available for use during dry periods.