Weber River Diversion Structure

Franson Civil was asked to develop a plan to rehabilitate the Weber River Diversion Structure. This structure provides irrigation water to South Weber Irrigation Company, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District (WBWCD), and Uinta Central Canal Company. We coordinated with a total of eleven companies and entities during this project, which included wildlife officials who were seeking to improve the fish habitat and passage on the Weber River. We successfully collaborated with all of these organizations, as well as with funding officials from the State of Utah and from the U.S. Federal Government.

We overcame several challenges and obstacles to complete this project. As construction began, we discovered that the diversion structure had more internal complications than previously anticipated. A large void that spanned the entire length of the 100-foot diversion structure was uncovered, leaving all parties involved shocked that the structure was still operational. We worked tirelessly and, with the help of other project participants, were able to rehabilitate the diversion structure without having to rebuild the structure from scratch.

One crucial part of this project was the improvements made to the fish ladder and channel. With our designed improvements, the fish habitat along the river was greatly improved. We understand the importance of respecting and protecting wildlife and the environment as we work to assist others in preserving and utilizing one of our most precious natural resources: water. Our improvements made to upgrade the fish passage continue to be used by Utah Division of Wildlife officials to count and track movement of fish up and down the Weber River.

Our innovative designs and coordination with all of the entities involved that were also working tirelessly led to project costs being cut down by 80%.