Millsite Dam Rehabilitation

Franson Civil was hired by the Utah Division of Water Resources (Utah DWRe) to design the relocation of the outlet works for the rehabilitation of the dam and spillway at Millsite Reservoir in Ferron, Utah. The outlet works needed to be extended further downstream to allow for the rehabilitation of the dam. All drawings and specifications were prepared to meet Utah Dam Safety and NRCS standards.

There are several aspects of this elaborate and substantial multi-year project that required excellent service. First, we completed the project design phase. We assisted with the design of the spillway and outlet works improvements. We also provided drafting services for the entire dam rehabilitation project. Some of our contributions to the project included providing expertise in specific areas and reviewing the Utah DWRe design for constructability. Specific project features designed by Franson Civil include:

  • Extending the existing outlet tunnel and the existing 54-inch main outlet pipe
  • Extending all appurtenances necessary for the operation of the outlet works such as electrical wiring, air vent shaft, tunnel drains, etc.
  • Replacing the existing 42-inch Howell Bunger valve with a new plunger valve and the existing 8-inch culinary pipeline with a new culinary pipeline
  • Relocating or replacing the connections for two 36-inch irrigation pipelines, one 12-inch stockwater pipeline, and one 24-inch industrial water supply pipeline
  • Designing improvements to the state park to eliminate the impacts of the raised reservoir
  • Structural design of the enlarged concrete spillway

In addition to the specific project features designed by Franson Civil, we provided Utah DWRe with on-site field engineering oversight and construction management. Our work included:

  • Providing a Resident Project Representative (RPR) to be on-site during construction who prepared progress meeting minutes, documented construction activities daily, validated contractor pay requests, reviewed submittals, observed construction activities, and maintained coordination with the Utah DWRe Project Engineer
  • Allocating the necessary resources for survey validation, quality assurance testing, construction observation, and documentation
  • Providing technical support for the spillway, outlet works, and state park improvements
  • Maintaining the project document software including testing results, daily logs, submittals, contractor pay requests, change orders, work change directives, and the latest version of the contract documents
  • Providing drafting support and record drawings